Ramdung “Go” Peak

During your holidays in Nepal , we will arrange the trip as per your desire. Here is a brief account of your Himalayan Journey which unfolds the wonders of interior Nepal . This adventure into remote ROLWALING Valley Region, west of the MT. Everest and south of Tibet , offers you’re a rich verity of flora and fauna in an area where few trekkers have traveled, specially this trek is open for the peak climbing Groups. So we offer you to climb a beautiful peak Called RAMDUNG “GO” (5925M) this little peak, full of snow, is facing to the Mt. Gauri Sanker over looking Tibet. This is the only trek you can do with two permits; Climbing and trekking.   Cross Tinsang la (3303mt) foot pass and descend into Rolwaling valley, visit the Rolpa glacier and the large lake of the Rolwaling region.

Outline Itinerary:

Day 1 Ktm/Barabise/Kartall
Day 2 Dolangsa
Day 3 Bigu gompa
Day 4 Bulaka
Day 5 Thulo Chaur
Day 6 Ghanger
Day 7 Simigaon
Day 8 Dongkhang
Day 9 Beding
Day 10 Na Gaon
Day 11 Na visit the glacier and lake
Day 12 High camp
Day 13 Ramdung “GO” climbing (5,925m) & back to Na
Day 14 Dongkhang
Day 15 Ghanger
Day 16 Jyaku
Day 17 Rato mate
Day 18 Dolkha (Charikot)
Day 19 Ktm by land, (Below Cloud)
Day 20 Departure