Chers visiteurs, chers trekkeurs, chers montagnards, chers clients,   Merci infiniment de visiter notre site Web, ce qui est une occasion passionnante de partager des informations sur une des destinations de vacances les plus exceptionnelles dans le monde. Nous avons le grand plaisir de présenter notre compagnie, Alpine Adventure Team Pvt. Ltd. qui est enregistrée au bureau de la Compagnie des Registres comme (P.) Ltd. No (39960) et au Département du Tourisme (autorisation no. (9152/32) 770/063) du gouvernement de sa Majesté du Népal qui est fort de guides de plus de 17 ans d’experience, de professionnels de trekking et de montagne, de guides parlant anglais, japonais, francais et italien. Nous sommes un tour operator de voyage et de trekking, ainsi que d’expeditions au Nepal , Tibet , Boutan, Ladhakh… Nous offrons a nos clients des services complets de guide, et d’organisation pour rendre le trekking sûr, inoubliable et le meilleur qui soit, au contact d’une culture et d’une nature tres diversifiees. Nous pouvons egalement assurer les transits en avion, ainsi qu’organiser des aventures en rafting sur les rivieres et des expeditions en haute montagne.

Rappelez-vous de nous pour vous aider à explorer la diversité de culture et de nature du Népal et des pays environments, destinations de vacances. Veuillez ne pas hésiter à entrer en contact avec l’adresse suivante pour nous contacter pour un complement d’information.

Merci de votre interet pour Alpine Adventure Team Pvt. Ltd.
Lawang Tamang (Managing Director)

My name is Lapsang Lama and I am Executive Director of Alpine Adventure Team Pvt. Ltd.

Lapsang Lama saw his first light at the district of Kavre Palanchok, Ward No. 7, Bagmati Zone. This place is regarded as one of the most remote villages of the mid-hilly regions of the Kingdom of Nepal .

Now running around at his 35 – Lapsang began his mountain tourism career in the capacity of an assistant-trekking professional guide. This was some time 17 years back.

From that time he has been engaged in the mountain tourism industry in deferent occasions in the capacity of a profession trekking guide, an interpreter in various research works and a good supporter to all his administration as well as field staffs. Not only that he shares his experience to all his juniors as well, and is always in an alert about his business.

Lapsang is the opinion that a travel agency abroad has not told a tourist/trekkers everything about the Kingdom of Nepal . Some of them have talked about the Kingdom as being situated in the shadow of Everest (Which is not true), others have described it as the Mecca of hippies (Half true as it was) but the most important thing has been left unsaid. It has been forgotten to mention that Nepal is the Florence of Asia, the country of art par excellence, a wonder of the modern world where Europe of the Middle Ages can be discovered as well as a destination for all seasons.

Mr. Lama has a vast experience of trekking in all regions of the country and is well versed with socio-economic status, their culture of all available ethnic groups, situated on different trekking routes of the Kingdom. Not only that he has traveled and have run business around all the neighboring countries of Nepal I.E. Bhutan , Tibet , Sikkim , Ladhakh and Darjeeling .

All of us know that Nepal is a least roadbed country, to see her; one must travel as her people do – on foot. Lapsang specializes in taking trekkers to all regions of Nepal including remote/restricted areas (Coping with rules and regulations of course!) and allow the visitors to observe local people living their lives the way they have for centuries.

He is well adapted to trek with care and respect incorporating ecological and cultural conservation practices. He is guided by the conviction that it is always possible to honor the beliefs, dignity and environment of Nepal and her people, while exchanging ideas and information on the outside world.

Other than his mother tongue – He is well versed in Italian language, and speaks 4 (four) additional languages including English.

He has traveled extensively in Europe , south East Asian countries, and is well aware of the professional working mode and style of the European as well as of the south Asian countries and ultimately he holds the position of the chairman in his newly initiated trekking company Alpine Adventure Team Pvt. Ltd.

My name is Mr. Nir Bahadur Lama (Tamang) and I am Director of Alpine Adventure Team Pvt. Ltd. and a permanent resident of Thulo Parsel, a beautiful hill village about 80 km south east of Kathmandu . The village is remotely located where schools and health stations are in long distance and accessible only by rigorous walking.

Work Experience:
I have been working as a trekking guide for the last 11 years. My working fields is the mountainous region of Nepal and have been guiding trekkers mostly from Europe and North America . Being a native from the mountainous region, I am intimately familiar with numerous local traditions and customs of all trekking areas. I always prefer to
share my cultural insights with tourists that are not
covered in any guide book. My work gets a high appreciation all the time from my clients.

Social Work:
I feel close myself to nature and am very sensitive about their preservation.
A major chunk of my time is also dedicated to social services. Associating with the ‘Social Welfare Organization’ as a volunteer, I help it in providing quality education, books, foods, sports, shelter and clothing to the poor, economically backward and disabled children and also for the street children in Kathmandu.

Agency: Alpine Adventure Team Pvt. Ltd.
I have also a good experience in organizing holiday-package for inbound tourists. We are
government licensed Adventure Trekking Organizer in Nepal specializing in “Tour Package”
such as trekking and a wide range of holidays packages in Nepal . We are a good team in
Alpine Adventure Team Pvt. Ltd. in handling all travel and trekking arrangements throughout Nepal and Tibet . Equipments and other logistics we provide are of high quality. All our guides are well trained license-holder professionals.
We promise you an unforgettable journey.

Warm Regards & Namaste !!
Nir Bahadur Lama
Sales Managing Director (Pinna Massimo) Italy :- Forse avevo nove anni e, chiuso nell’angolo formato da una piccola cassapanca con la massiccia credenza di mia madre, gli occhi in una visione di monti e spazi visti da una cima.
Girando nella stanza immaginavo la stufa fissata alla parete piu’ in alto dime, come una specie di fuoco. In modo curioso e sorprendente cucinavo con la mente microporzioni di cibo in minuscoli piatti….

Per curarmi ho cominciato a leggere dosi massiccie di scapigliato e maledetto romanticismo, le origini nei 15/16 anni, i poeti beat generati, i Nuovi Mattini,  ma sopratutto la voglia, non troppo celata, di fare l’Esperienza.

Era inevitabile, chi passasse di li non avrebbe potuto non essere tentato di lasciarsi trasportare, l’atteggiamento profondamente ricettivo corrispondeva all’opportunita’ di un gesto diverso.
Il Viaggio come costante metaforica e reale, frequentazioni del pensiero a cercare e trovare, gusto naturale verso le grandi culture magiche  d’oriente…
Sara’ sara’ sara’ ma qualcosa si muoveva ed era molto naturale.

E intanto vita al lavoro,  affacciato a curiosare oltre la superficie, molta musica, il Twin Reverb per una chitarra Gibson, blues-harp in C…

Lavoro per lo Stato, si, non si capisce ma e’ cosi’, ma ho fiducia nel freewheeling…ruota libera significa andare da qualche parte che puoi raccontare.
Piu’ o meno cosi’, vivo nel Veneto e vengo nel Nepal ogni stagione, avanti in altri mondi…. la leggenda di Hillary, le piccole avventure in himalaya o nella pianura nepalese e tornando i festival Blues in Italia, noi che siamo stati in India, che giriamo in Supramonte, che proviamo un 6c….,

E a Kathmandu’? I Coffe Shop in Freak Street, i lama tibetani, Bollywood al cinema di King’s Way e poi qualche locale qua e la’, il te’, i pasti austeri al Kimtown, i risotti buoni a casa, walkabout…

Lapsang l’ho incontrato vent’anni fa o giu’ di li’…e intanto, assieme e con molti, nella campagna, valli e monti nepalesi, su’ e giu’, in alto e in basso, salire per ridiscendere…..

Qualche artista, qualche aspirante santo e molta strada in mezzo a rinnovare la metafora che non si smentisce mai. Il Viaggio. Buon trekking a tutti.