Mt. Churen Himal (7,371m) Expedition

Churen Himal Expedition western Nepal & is a part of Jaljala area. This area is completely apart from the beaten paths, this trekking is for the person who love the beauty of nature and the wild valleys of course spectacular view of Dhaulagiri, Annapurna, Gurja himal and Churen Himal and the wild valleys. The treks offer an opportunity to discover areas, which remain practically an Individual lifestyle. In Churen Himal you will have a chance to trek into the mass of the Dhorpatan hills at about 3000-4300m. This area is full of rivers and fast glacial streams, lots of forest and animals. Our route crosses very nice Magar villages, especially Gurja Gaun is very good majority of Mager people. Drive from Pokhara to Beni we will lead you to the foot of Churen himal. This trek will take you out of the beaten track inside a region where very few foreigners are traveling, reaching the Churen Himal base camp, a peak belonging to the western Dhaulagiri range. Our route crosses very nice Magar villages, near the hunting reserve of Dhorpatan.

Day to day Itinerary

Day 01 Arrival in Kathmandu and transfer to hotel
Day 02 Document apply for Churen Himal Expedition
Day 03 Preparation for expedition in Kathmandu
Day 04 Drive from Kathmandu to Beni
Day 05 Trek Beni to Darbang
Day 06 Trek Darbang to Mattim
Day 07 Trek Mattim to Lamsang
Day 08 Trek Lamsang to Gurgoan
Day 09 Trek Gurjagoan to Darsinge Khark
Day 10 Trek Darsinge Khark to Burjunga Khark
Day 11 Trek Burjunga Khark to Churen Himal Base Camp
Day 12-29 Climbing Period Churen Himal (7,371m)
Day 30 Trek Churen Himal BC to Burjunga Khark
Day 31 Trek Burjunga Khark to Gurjagoan
Day 32 Trek Gurjagoan to Lulang village
Day 33 Trek Lulang to Takum
Day 34 Trek Takum to Darbang
Day 35 Trek Darbang to Beni
Day 36 Drive from Beni to Kathmandu
Day 37 Rest Day at Kathmandu
Day 38 Departure to your destination

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