Tamang Civilization place Temal kavre Nepal

Temal is situated near Kathmandu valley in Temal municipality.
The word Termal or Temal is abbreviated from Termala or Termahal whose meaning indicate a special blessing like Ter in Tamang and Tibetans language. There is a common saying among Tamang that says – if your culture or traditional norms are lost or diluted, go to Temal to find the authentic one. Due to Temal’s connection to Tamang culture which is also the combined form of Buddhism and Bon or shamanic tradition, Temal is considered as historic place of importance among Tamang.
Temal is in the middle hill of the country situated about 2100 meters from sea level. From its different hillocks, one can see views of great Himalayan peaks such as Mt. Everest, Lamtang, Manasulu, Annapurna, Ganesh Himal, Gaurishanker among others. Roshi and Sunkoshi rivers bound east and west of the Temal. Towards south one can see middle hills of Mahabharat range. Due to its cultural importance and natural setting, it can be a great destination for tourists both domestic and international.
Temal can be reached from Kathmandu by road about three hours’ drive via Banepa – Dhulikhel BP highway or Dhulikhel – Dolalghat Ariniko highway linked with rough road to main highway. It can also be reached by rafting trip in Sunkoshi that starts at Dolalghat.
About 81% of the population of Temal is Tamang.
The rest are Newar, Magar, Dalits, Braman, Kshetri etc. Historically it’s found that during the later medieval period, when Nepal was divided in many small states like Baisi (group of 22 states) and Chaubisi (group of 24 states), Temal was ruled by Tamang King Rhinjen Dorje. Ruminants of old palace that lost its’ glory after Gorkha king took over Temal in 18th century can still be witnessed at Kot Temal. Temal is also blessed as the meditation place of Guru Padmasambhava or Guru Rimpoche who had come here for meditation at Gelung U (cave). It’s said that, Guru Rimpoche had killed one demon here at Rho Saiba Glya.
While leaving Temal Guru Rimpoche gifted the people of Temal – a special plant known as Buddhi Chitta (Bodhi Chitta, Fryangba or Thenga by locals) special mala beads that are used for reciting famous prayer / mantra of god of compassion – Avalokiteswara or Chenrejik. Evidence of Bodhichitta mala only found here in Temal somewhat proves the fact that Guru Rimpoche had loved this place. Holy beads of 108 are an essential object for each Buddhist practitioner from ordinary layman to great Buddhist teachers.
So Bodhichita mala beads have become another precious object to know Timal as a special place. Since 1960s Budhichita Mala are being exported out of Temal like in Tibet. However in these days these special beads are exported mainly to Tibet, China, Europe, USA, all over Asia or worldwide and it’s been one of the important income source to the people of Temal. The bead’s value is determined by its size. If the beads are smaller or more handy to use while praying, the price is high and if the mala beads are too big, the value goes down. However, bigger beads also have a great value for a special purpose. Plants of Bodhichita as per botanist or experts are not found anywhere else. It’s also believed that this plant is not grown even if planted as per the locals. Due to rareness of this plant the value of mala has been increased in recent times.
Temal as the site of historic and cultural importance and also geographically beautiful area should be declared as tourist destination by the state and special attention should be given to preserve the important heritage of the area.
Itinerary of Tamang homeland Temal
1.arrived kathmandu airport and trasfer to buddha chitta home
2.visit swoyambunath-bon monastery and durber square
3.kathmandu to khopasi by bus jeep after lunch hiking 2 hours to Namobuddha
4.Namobuddha to kote temal 6 hours
5.kote temal to visit gururiporche cave/narayan temples over night monastery
6.Temal narayan – visis buddha chitta garden over night Boldepheche
7.Boldephediche to kathmandu by bus at buddha chitta home
8.relaxing and visit pashupati and bouddhanath over night at buddha chitta home
9. departure to your destination


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