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Alpine Adventure Team Cordially Welcomes you For Hiking, trekking, non tourist area newly open trekking route, trek peak climbing and Expedition in Nepal as well as in Tibet & Bhutan. Trekking in Nepal not only an adventure, but to see the most beautiful scenario landscape of nature including Top of the world Mount Everest, world heritage side Lord Buddha birth place and holy place of Buddhist, Hinduism and Shamanism culture tour experience and more adventures treking and village cultural tour and school tour in Nepal.

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Manaslu Circuit Trek/Tsum Valley

Manaslu Circuit Trek /tsum Valley

Among various alluring trekking destination of Nepal Manaslu region stands atop in terms of natural splendors and grandeurs of mountains. The place is under read more

Kangchenjunga BC & Yalung BC Treks

Kangchenjunga BC & Yalung BC Treks , the world’s great peaks Kanchenjunga is perhaps the least known; the third highest in the world at 8,598m, it sits astride the Nepal/Sikkim border onl read more

3 pass trekking in mt.Everest with one peak summit

Three pass  Everest  two base camp one  peak summit

The  Everest Region which is well known for its world’s glorious and highest mountain Mount Everest. Eve read more

Natural Buddha Chitta Nursery

Buddha Chitta japa mala or Phrengba also called Bodhi Chitta, The Buddha-Chitta prayer beads originating from Guru Padma Sambava. Best season to see green beads on tree is June and July.

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